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Serving all bowlers in the Greater Danbury area


The Greater Danbury USBC Association is formed with the purpose of providing equal opportunity for all in the sport of bowling without regard to race, religion, age, gender, disability, or national origin.


July 18, 2013

To All Greater Danbury USBC Bowlers;

Lore’s Lanes has requested and USBC approved a move of their center to the Greater Central CT USBC association effective August 1, 2013. There is no change to Brookfield Lanes which remain as Greater Danbury USBC.

What this means to you is if you bowl only at Lore’s Lanes when you sanction for the upcoming winter season you will be sanctioned in Greater Central’s association. If you bowl only at Brookfield Lanes then there will be no difference in that when you sanction in the upcoming winter season you will still be sanctioned in the Greater Danbury association. If however you bowl in both centers you will need pay local association dues to both Greater Danbury and Greater Central.

Unfortunately Greater Danbury’s Championship events (Youth, Open & Women’s) are only for Greater Danbury sanctioned bowlers so if you participated in them in the past and are not sanctioned in the Greater Danbury association you will not be eligible to participate in future tournaments. You will if you are sanctioned in the Greater Central association be able to participate in their championship events.

On behalf of the Greater Danbury board of directors I would like to thank all the bowlers that will no longer be Greater Danbury sanctioned as many have been with our association for the many years. I wish you the best of luck bowling in Greater Central’s association you will be missed.

To those bowlers that will remain Greater Danbury sanctioned the board will continue to try to provide you with the representation you have always come to expect,

To Lore’s Lanes I wish you the best of luck in your move and hope you have continued success in the Greater Central association.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me.

Bob Bilotti

President Greater Danbury USBC Association